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Copy the form, paste it with your answers in the comments below. If you've got more than 2 or 3 comments worth of application, it's perfectly fine to link it to your journal, but if you do, please a ?format=light to your URL.


Are you over 18?: (You don't need to be, but we'd like to know.)
Personal Journal: (Not necessary if you don't have one.)
Other Contact: (AIM/Plurk/etc)


Character Journal
Location: (Where are they when you begin?)
History: (At least two hundred-fifty words of their canon history.)
Alternate History: (Their history in a world without the Doctor, with a justification for how the Doctor's lack of existence influenced it. This is only necessary if you are applying for a character who would be otherwise be unable to be apped for, but we would like you to have a general idea of their alternate history going into playing any character)
Personality: (Two hundred-fifty word minimum, please.)
Canon: Doctor Who/Torchwood/SJA (Also of note if they're only in a novel/audio/mag)
Abilities of note: (Is there anything special we should know about them? Are they alien, super genius, or a walking paradox?)
Equipment of note: (This thing is pretty flexible, but generally: do they have sonics, psychic papers, or special methods of transport? That sort of thing. You don't need to be comprehensive about mundane items, just notable ones.)
Notable Connections: (Is there anyone we should know that they know/interact with/are related to?)
RP sample: (Two hundred words of prose, first or third person, whichever you prefer. This can be substituted with a log, if you like, but we reserve the right to require more if the log is less than two hundred words by your character.)

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