Rose Tyler (lone_defender) wrote in silencefallsooc,
Rose Tyler

The Premise and Plot So Far

The universe has been restarted, the big bang two rippling across all of time and space at the same moment, and a young woman in Leadworth remembered the Doctor back into existence. But the danger hasn't passed, and the mystery behind the TARDIS' exploding is only beginning to unravel.

All across the universe, and even spilling into a neighboring universe, people have suddenly woken up and remembered. Remembered the Doctor...and remembered an alternate life lived without him. Although those lives are gone, vanished with the return of the Doctor, those memories linger, as do the perhaps confusing memories of the proper time line with the Doctor, and--to all but few--no discernible reason why they would have suddenly forgotten.

Amy, Rory, and the Doctor may be on their honeymoon, but the universe doesn't stop even for the most incredible holidays.

The Voice is still out there, the danger still looms, and at any might just strike.
Tags: !modpost, !plot, !premise
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