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The Rules~

۩ The number one rule: Do not be a douche. If you have a problem you can't settle between you and a different player--or a problem with us, bring it to the mods, don't harass and attack other players.

۩ OOC =/= IC. Just because the Master would very much like to torture your character and obsesses over it in is every breath, doesn't mean the player would like to hurt you. Don't construe things that characters do to each other to mean personal attacks. In the same vein, ICA = ICC. If the Master actually does torture your character, he will probably be dealing with someone like the Doctor for that. And if your character went up and harassed the Master into wanting to torment your character...well, that's ICA/ICC too.

۩ We expect to see two threads of ten comments each for every character you play per month. That's five by you and five by the person you're playing with. If you have one thread that's forty-to-sixty (meaning twenty to thirty comments by you) comments long, this can count for both threads of activity.

۩ As of this point, we will be allowing two characters per mun, though this may change over time.

۩ You must be at least 15 to play in this comm, due to the sorts of plots that are likely to be involved in this game. So, for those over 18 please bear in mind that not all of our players will be over 18. Be sure to mark your content appropriately and be considerate.

۩ Don't godmod. Really. Don't even think about it. That goes with rule #1

۩ Because there are so many characters to play in this game, there will be no OCs accepted currently. AU characters will be allowed on a case-by-case basis, if plot can be worked into creating them. Any form of canon, however, will be accepted as canon: spin offs, novels, deleted scenes, audio plays, or magazines. In the case that one of these contradicts or conflicts with broadcasted canon, the broadcasted canon trumps.

۩ Localized player plots involving a small group of people don't need to be approved, but big scale ones that would involve many or have great impact should be.

۩ This game is plot-driven. There will be plots which will be mandatory. You will never be required to post more than the activity requirements, but should you post, such plots will be required to be acknowledged unless there is a feasible IC reason why such a plot would not reach the character. (This will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)
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